The Whale Trail: How to Whale Watch From Shore

Animals of the Pacific Northwest

One of the amazing aspects of the Pacific Northwest is our proximity to the Salish Sea and the Pacific Ocean. These bodies of water are home to a myriad of animals, plants, and other forms of life. Orcas, sharks, sea otters, salmon, puffins, some dolphins and porpoises, and walruses are just some of the animals out there. Being able to see some of these animals out in the wild is a truly amazing experience and springtime is a great time to try and see some.

NOTE: It’s important to keep in mind that wild animals have the potential to be dangerous, especially if they feel threatened. While out in nature, be sure to keep a distance between you and any animals and bring binoculars if you’d like to get a closer look. If you think you found an injured or abandoned animal, call your local Department of Fish…

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