Bismarck ND – Coldest Apr 24 since 1875

Iowa Climate Science Education

Meanwhile, rain and snow are likely across much of the West through Monday. So much for Joe Biden’s global warming crisis.

Snow will also develop across higher elevations of the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest and thence into the Northern High Plains and parts of Northern/Central California.

By Sunday evening, the rain and higher elevation snow will expand into parts of the Great Basin while rain moves into parts of Southern California. Overnight Monday, the rain and higher elevation snow will move into parts of the Southwest.

Rain and snow are likely across much of the West through Monday…

Light snow will also develop across the higher elevations of the Northeast overnight Sunday that will
gradually taper off by Monday evening.

Furthermore, a deep upper-level trough just off the Northwest Coast will move onshore on Sunday, moving to the Great Basin by Tuesday. The energy will aid in producing rain…

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5 comments on “Bismarck ND – Coldest Apr 24 since 1875

  1. For heaven’s sake, Nancy, why do you post this climate change-denial drivel? Do you really believe that 95% plus of professional climate scientists are wrong while your friends in the fossil fuel industries are right? Here’s an analogy to ponder: 95% of wildlife scientists say a particular animal is in danger of extinction but 5% who work for Safari Club International say it is not. Who are you going to believe? Or here’s another that will no doubt be more to your xenophobic-heart’s liking: 95% of marine biologists say that sharks around the world are endangered but 5% who work for the Chinese shark-fining industry say they are not. Who you going to believe? Wake up!


    • For heaven’s sake, Geoff, lighten up!!! It’s just a fun fact about the temperature being 19° April 24th that also hit 19° in 1919 and a weather update. I would feel bad if you got your blood pressure up so high you had a stroke or heart attack, and had to take medication that was tested on animals, by a company that uses fossil fuels to make the medication and had to be sent to a drugstore near you, using more fossil fuel.


      • I didn’t have time the other night to finish telling you off!! I follow over 500 blogs not to mention news updates, and I follow that blog because of weather updates, I’m a weather geek… if you have a problem with that take it up with management! I don’t believe either side, and I certainly don’t need you giving me percentage updates and tell me what I should and should not post on my blog that I pay for, when I get reports on how fossil fuel is destroying the environment and I post petitions, many of YOU who pretend to care about the environment, don’t even sign the petitions, I know because they send me updates on people who do sign! I sign all the petitions, so they put me on their mailing list and tell me how bad things are and they’re always asking for a donation, nice way to make MONEY. One of their favorite ones…are the polar bears are starving to death, I follow a biologist, who does nothing but study polar bears, her friend was killed by a polar bear and she says they are not…so I believe her! Again you don’t like that I believe her… take it up with management! The truth is it doesn’t matter what the percentage, people are going to do what they want to do, they’re not going to stop eating meats, driving their cars, heat their homes or burning logs that pollute the environment and cooling their homes and they don’t do a damn thing to cut back on the plastic which is a very simple easy thing to do, then fur brain Biden stops the fracking then turns around and says he’s going to put plastic partitions up… hello they use fossil fuels to make plastic and you snowflake followers seem to think that he’s doing a wonderful job and cares about the environment, 🙄 and the ones that buy electric cars, yeah… like that those batteries are not going to cause a problem down the line to the environment, and you use a computer so what’s going to happen to that down the line when that needs to be replaced, apparently…you don’t think it’s going to damage the environment! You’re a hypocritical environmentalist! So I repeat…. stop following my blog if you don’t like what I post…I don’t need nor what your hypocritical opinion!!! You need to wake up!!!!


        • Memo to Self: Ms. Nancy does not like any criticism of any kind and is apt to respond with hysterical rants. Try not to agitate her too much — seizure may follow.

          Just for the record, this whole string of posts was kicked-off by: “So much for Joe Biden’s global warming crisis.” As if Uncle Joe is the only one alarmed by it.


          • Funny😂 I was thinking the same thing about you Geoff! You went on a hysterical rant because you read one sentence! Typical Democratic snowflake behavior 😂😂😂


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