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Biden & Harris Failed to Apologize for Ancestors’ Roles in Exploiting the Irish & Both Wasted the Taoiseach’s Time on St. Patrick’s Day

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Biden and Kamala Harris come from families with a long history of exploiting the poor and helpless in Ireland, and elsewhere. Where is their apology for the crimes of their ancestors? Kamala Harris’ ancestor carried hundreds of unsuspecting Irish, and their families, to work in the fields of Jamaica, after the slaves were freed. The Irish wouldn’t have been able to imagine Jamaica’s sun and heat. The majority working in fields probably died within a year, as in Virginia. Joe Biden’s Blewitt ancestor drove starving Irish from the work houses to build infrastructure during the Great Hunger. Biden-Harris appear to follow in the footsteps of their abusive ancestors in many ways, such as with their immigration policy.

Biden’s ancestor took starving people from the work house, during the Great Hunger, and oversaw their work building infrastructure. Presumably Biden’s Blewitt ancestor was like the guy with the top hat pointing his…

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