Sign the petition: Demand Congress and Biden act NOW to undo the damage Trump has caused by utilizing the Congressional Review Act

The Trump administration issued a significant number of rules and deregulations that will disastrously impact immigration, the environment, endangered species habitat, and employment, among other issues.

These rules do not have to be permanently enacted, however. Congress can fast-track reversal of rulemakings from the Trump administration under the Congressional Review Act (CRA).

Under the CRA, agencies are required to submit to Congress notice of a finalized rule. Once notified, Congress has the option of passing a joint resolution of disapproval to overturn the rule. If that passes both chambers of Congress and is signed into law by the President, the rule is immediately overturned and has no effect both proactively and retroactively. Importantly, a joint resolution of disapproval need only pass by a simple majority in both chambers.

This means that Congress has the power to negate Trump’s harmful rules!

There is a time limit: the CRA only encompasses Trump’s rules created since August 2020 and the new Congress has 60 days to act. That is why we must press them to act immediately.

There are MANY Trump rules and deregulations that fall under the scope of the CRA. We must demand Congress and President Biden act swiftly to undo so much damage that Trump has done to our country.

Sign the petition: Demand Congress reverse the damage done by Trump and remove his rules under the CRA.

4 comments on “Sign the petition: Demand Congress and Biden act NOW to undo the damage Trump has caused by utilizing the Congressional Review Act

  1. Trump tried to restrict immigration, and Biden has overturned/is trying to overturn the good Trump did on immigration. If the population is allowed to grow (and it’s all from immigration) there is no hope for the environment, including animals. So, these topics need to be addressed separately. It is interesting that the UK wants to reintroduce wolves to the Scottish highlands, but no talk of allowing the people who were chased away to return. If Scottish Americans were given right of return to the highlands and immigration restricted it would help America’s wildlife, including wolves.

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    • Exactly and it pisses me off. You know I didn’t vote for Trump because he’s a businessman and he couldn’t care less about the environment or wildlife…but there is more to this country then that and there’s groups that think the Democrats are saints and can do no wrong, when you and I both know better….if they would get their heads out of their butts and really check things out they would see what you and I do!!!

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      • Biden-Harris appear to plan to double the US population within less than 10 years. The population has already doubled since the 1950s. If the migrants stayed home they could have solar panels. Here and in northern Europe the immigrants use a lot of oil and gas to keep warm and to drive and fly to see their friends and relatives. Oil and gas are devastating to the environment (TENORM and fracking), but they also can’t just cut off people’s livelihoods without giving them something else to live off of. That includes property owners who use the oil money to supplement social security. Once all of the immigrants have green cards and citizenship they are permanent. The only hope is if radical immigration restrictionists get in and even then two years is a lot of damage. If they cut down every tree to make housing then wildlife will have no place to live. I still cross my fingers that the election will be reversed because the immigration can’t be reversed. I don’t know if the Dems were ever good or just good at fooling people. Now they do really seem to be infiltrated by communist-internationalists, which I find mind-blowing. Even Buttigieg’s father was a Marxist scholar (Gramsci). This isn’t utopian socialism, but Leninist-Stalinism – both brutal with opponents.

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