Lawsuit Filed Against FDA for Additive in Popular Veggie Burgers

Chemical Free Life

The new craze over fake meat/veggie burgers at fast food restaurants and grocery stores has not come without problems. The most frequently read post on the blog for two years running has been the listing of additives in these uber-processed foods. One of those additives has recently led to a lawsuit filed against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permitting the additive to be included in the fake burgers sans proper safety testing. More specifically, the Center for Food Safety (CFS) has filed a legal brief challenging the FDA’s 2019 approval of soy leghemoglobin (“heme”), a color additive used to make Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger appear to “bleed” like real meat.” (eewh)

According to the CFS press release: “FDA approved soy leghemoglobin even though it conducted none of the long-term animal studies that are needed to determine whether or not it harms human health. This includes studies…

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