SA, The Second Wave, Choose between Life and Death

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Choose between life and death this Christmas, Mkhize tells SA
12 December 2020 – 11:16

South Africans must choose between life and “sickness or death” as the country faces a devastating second wave of Covid-19 infections, health minister Zweli Mkhize said on Saturday.

Speaking during a webinar, Mkhize said: “If we choose life, then we must realise that we have to make sacrifices during this festive season. It will not be possible to celebrate the holidays in the way we are accustomed to.

“We must now understand that the frivolities that are usually associated with the festive season must make way for the things that really matter — family and friends, caring for one another, physical and spiritual rejuvenation and preserving the spirit of ubuntu,” Mkhize told a virtual gathering to mark Universal Health Coverage Day.

“We therefore all need to take action to save lives and protect…

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One comment on “SA, The Second Wave, Choose between Life and Death

  1. The South African Minister of Health seems to be a whole lot smarter (and more moral) than the current low-IQ US President. Who exactly was ever dumb enough to vote for this loser? He will be remembered as being directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds-of-thousands of Americans as well as contributing more to environmental destruction than any president in living memory. Patiently awaiting an abject apology from his enablers.

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