“Change My Vote” is Google Trending in PA, FL, NC, MI, GA, TX, WI

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After Biden Lies on Fracking & Vows to “Close Down” Oil

Searches for “change my vote” hit max levels on Google Trends.

The phrase ‘change my vote’ was Googled so much, it hit the MAX limit of the Google search trends chart!

How to Change Your Vote

(from toptradeguru.com)

In Pennsylvania; New York; Connecticut; and Mississippi: Contact your city clerk to change your vote.

In Wisconsin, voters who voted early in person can recast their ballot as long as they do so by Saturday, October 31st. The deadline for absentee varies by city. Contact your city clerk for more information.

In Minnesota, absentee voters are allowed to change their minds. The deadline is a week before the election.

In Michigan, absentee voters can change their ballots if they have not yet been processed and tabulated, according to an official at the state’s Bureau of Elections.

If you want…

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