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VIDEO Democratic Party leader vows to ‘lie,’ ‘cheat’ and ‘steal’ to win

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Should Denounce Her Own Connections to the Deportation of British Blacks; to Big Pharma; to the Tech Industry & to a Russian Oligarch

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This isn’t a “smoking gun” national security risk of the type that Kamala Harris’ uncle and her lies about him are:

This post is simply identifying connections between elite hypocrites who accuse those who do not bend to their will of being fascists or racists or whatever else they decide to conjure up.

Trump has denounced white nationalism and white supremacy repeatedly, and it’s never enough: His grandchildren are Jewish, and it’s still never enough. It’s apparently never enough because he has promised to reduce H1B and other immigration abuses, whereas most Media-IT companies wish to increase H1B visa abuses and to thus finish casting the majority of Americans into an unemployed India-style under-caste.

NBC is owned by Comcast, which has used the H1B visa program to sell out US workers. The same can be said of ABC (Walt Disney), CBS (Viacom), Washington Post (Amazon) and most recently…

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