Cumberland County residences receiving misleading election mail News

County officials say the mail isn’t coming from the county. Author: Lyndsay Barna (FOX43) Published: 4:59 PM EDT August 21, 2020

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. — Some Cumberland County voters are getting voter registration forms in the mail that aren’t from the county.

“It’s causing confusion and making people think we have deceased people on our voter rolls which is not accurate,” said Bethany Salzarulo, Cumberland County Director of Elections.

The county says they do not send unsolicited or political mail without a request.

Salzarulo says the voter information is not coming from the county. They do voter maintenance twice a year and get reports monthly about deaths from the Department of Health to stay up to date.

She also went onto say, “they (voters) should contract that organization and let them know that it’s not okay and obviously if they have any questions they can call us and we can confirm we don’t have this person on our list.”

The information inside the mailers is legitimate but the mail is being sent out to voters who are deceased or voters who do not live at the current location, anymore and it’s voter fraud if these applications are filled out.

“It’s very frustrating because our job is to administer elections and that’s what we do and we’re here for the voters of Cumberland County,” said Salzarulo.

It’s time to wake up Baltimore

President Trump Set To Release Hunter Biden Video On The Same Day Joe Biden Gives Acceptance Speech

The media spent the last four days fawning over the Democrat’s weak “virtual Convention.”

Apparently pre-recorded videos that aren’t fact-checked were so amazing, the world was in awe.

They also conveniently ignored the many radical moments from some of the left’s top leaders.

Trump has been cutting through the mainstream bubble, visiting swing states, and live-tweeting during big speeches.

And now, he’s dropping a hard-hitting ad on someone we haven’t heard about in some time: Hunter Biden.

It’s just in time for Joe’s big speech:

The Trump campaign plans to release a new digital ad targeting Hunter Biden Thursday, the same day his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, will accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for president…

The campaign ad, part of a seven-figure buy, will focus on Hunter Biden’s dealings with China while his father was vice president, suggesting he used his father’s position for personal profit.

And here’s a preview with a video they released yesterday, featuring Hunter for a portion of it:

President Trump’s campaign is launching a scathing ad exposing the troubling ties between Joe Biden, his son, and China.

The ad reveals the incredible damage China has done to our economy, highlighting how 5 million jobs have been lost in the U.S. since 2000.

Meanwhile, the ad reveals the glowing comments Biden has made again and again about the communist dictatorship.

The ad goes on to explore how Hunter Biden made millions from deals with China, just as Joe Biden (as vice president) was negotiating with them.

That’s more than enough “probable cause” to launch an investigation. But the Obama administration never did.

Today, the media and Democrats continue to cover up the Hunter/China connection, even after China let loose a global pandemic.

You’d think, at the very least, the press would question Biden on this. Even now, as Biden promises to “end” the pandemic in America—he never ever talks about holding China accountable.

Funny, isn’t it? After all, Biden called a dictatorship that oppresses Hong Kong and Christians “not bad guys.”

Does he really believe that—or has China got Biden in its pocket?

Key Takeaways:

  • As Joe gives his DNC acceptance speech, Team Trump is releasing an ad about Joe and Hunter.
  • The ad reveals how Hunter Biden got rich through China after his father was negotiating with the country.
  • Millions of American jobs have been lost to China, as Biden encouraged and supported the regime.

Joe Biden’s Flip-Flops Prove He’s Not Running His Own Campaign

Out of the 29 candidates who sought the Democratic nomination for president, fate, voters, and Democratic Party power brokers finally worked their magic to push out all candidates except for the oldest white male of the bunch, a man who has spent 50 of his 77 years in politics: Joe Biden.

The quintessential career politician, a man who was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972 (the sixth-youngest ever) and is now a gray-haired septuagenarian, was crowned as the party’s nominee for president of the United States. As such, he is officially the standard-bearer for its ideals.

But after watching Biden over his career, and more closely this year, I’m left feeling like a panelist on the old “To Tell the Truth” television show. Somebody please say it: “Will the real Joe Biden please stand up?”

Biden has been known for a few things over the years: a moderate-Democrat voting record, an outstanding ability to plagiarize (it takes quite a lot of chutzpah to steal another man’s life story), a penchant for telling entertaining and sometimes untrue stories, and an almost unparalleled tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time (“Chuck, stand up. … Let them see ya!”).

But after comparing his long voting record to the proposals of his presidential campaign, I’m left wondering if this is even the same Joe Biden.

Joe Biden Flip-Flopped on a Host of Policies

For his history of supporting fracking and other balanced energy plans, Greenpeace USA gave Biden a D-minus score last year, near the bottom of the field of competing candidates. He stood a cautious distance from the Green New Deal and had not taken the “No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge.” But suddenly Joe is a climate-change warrior. His website proclaims it. He will eliminate the two-thirds of our electricity that is generated by fossil fuels by 2035 and enact costly carbon taxes to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

First I take a nap 😽💤💤💤