Man Pleads Guilty To Mail-In Ballot Fraud After Voting As Dead Mother In Three Elections

Steven Ahle

US election 2020: Postal service warns of mail ballot delays

A California man has been charged with mail in voter fraud for casting ballots in his mother’s name for three elections.

Caesar Peter Abutin was charged last month with one count of fraud and one count of fraudulent voting. He has confessed to voting in his mother’s name in three elections.

I am assuming he is a Democrat, as the dead always vote for Democrats.

…So much for safe and secure voting.

Trump recently said:

“I have to tell you, that if you go with this universal mail-in … tens of millions of ballots being sent to everybody and their dogs, dogs are getting them, OK? People that have been dead for 25 years are getting them, you have to see what’s happening. Then you’re never going to have a fair election.”

Currently there are about ten states who send ballots to every eligible voter but the Democrats are trying to increase that number to all 57 states. They also want ballot harvesting and a 200,000 vote head start in every election.

Trump has been taking steps to try to put the poorly run postal system back in the Black and his new postmaster was working towards that but has now decided to make the changes after the election to avoid even the appearance of being as corrupt as Pelosi and et al.

President Trump says that there is plenty of money allotted for them post office but what Pelosi really wants from the con game she is running is money to bail out poorly run Democratic cities and states.

From The Gateway Pundit

Trump also said he would support extending voting to include the weekend before Election Day and adding additional voting booths to ease crowding. “I would support all of that. That’s what you want to do,” Trump said. “I would be for opening more voting booths.

And the president said he’s OK with absentee voting. “I totally support that,” Trump responded. “That’s a great thing.”

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