US Senator Graham Introduces Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Compromise

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A $600 per week supplement to regular unemployment insurance means that unemployed janitors receive unemployment benefits which are, on average, over 1 1/2 times more than what they earned working, “while janitors who continue to work at increased health risk in businesses deemed ‘essential’ have no guarantees of any hazard pay or increased earnings…” (Ganong et al. May 15, 2020

It’s also unfair to the teachers, police officers, firemen, healthcare workers, and others who continue to get up and go to work to have someone on unemployment making more by staying home.” (US Senator Lindsey Graham, August 4, 2020)

Remember $600 is on top of regular unemployment benefits, which varies by state and earnings.

Under the CARES Act, 68% of workers have [income] replacement rates above 100%. The median replacement rate is 134% and workers in the bottom 20% of the income distribution have replacement…

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2 comments on “US Senator Graham Introduces Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Compromise

  1. Thanks! I am worried about people not getting their money but worry what crap will be stuffed in the final bill. They should have done one of the quick simple bills- like above-that only addressed people’s money. Some still got nothing for months. Dems only care about immigrants because Pelosi district is that and if count citizenship she loses her seat and her califate-fiefdom. This is what’s wrong with Congress: Ca 12 is around 1/3 foreign born and 30 or 40% Asian and Twitter headquarters. It is San Francisco. Not like most of the country. We may need constitutional amendment. The immigrants are literally stealing our representatives, since there are only 435.

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