The Media is Now Opinion-Checking

Iowa Climate Science Education

Guest Opinion by Kip Hansen ? 23 July 2020

opinion_check_logoopinion_check_logoThere is yet another new threat to an important right that Americans and all freedom loving peoples hold dear ? the right to express one?s opinions on important societal issues in open public forums. In the 1960s, I, and many others, fought this fight on university campuses all across America. This fight was called the Free Speech Movement.

Today, university campuses are the locus of a new, and sadly misguided movement, the Anti-Free Speech Movement. Some refer to it as ?Cancel Culture?, which is ill-defined, but in essence, by whatever name, it is a movement spurred by the pernicious idea that one group of people should be able to dictate what other people are allowed to say, what opinions they are allowed to express, what they can write and the very words they are allowed to speak. Writers and speakers…

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