Black Police Officer Explains Why Tasers Are Lethal, Homicide, DWI and Body Cam – Atlanta Police

5 comments on “Black Police Officer Explains Why Tasers Are Lethal, Homicide, DWI and Body Cam – Atlanta Police

      • The video title starts with the words “Black”… There are Tamils who pretend to be black because even though they are included in affirmative action, because the rule says diversity then they shave their heads and pretend to be black. Most are Brahmin elites and then pretend to be poor blacks or poor Africans to get ahead and steal jobs, funding, etc, from whites and blacks. Worse, they were brought in at the dawn of the Civil Rights era to replace American blacks as “persons of color”. The British did the same in the Caribbean after slavery. The immigrants are stealing American jobs and then blacks think whites took the jobs and vice versa. You can be over white black all that you want but that doesn’t matter right now. I was raised to not see color or gender but that hasn’t kept certain people from accusing me of racism simply because I am white and didn’t do what they wanted me to do. In one class a bad student couldn’t accuse me of racism, because there were too many black students who were doing great, so accused me of sexism. I learned that I can believe that I am human but it doesn’t matter what I believe if someone else believes or claims otherwise. However, now it’s spreading to the entire country and not just a few people. There is no leadership speaking against it. You had better apply for your Irish passport as backup. I recommend to my black and white friends to go where they are in the majority right now and can blend in for personal safety. The powers that be are hell-bent to create a race war between black and white Americans (which benefits immigrants) and there are no strong voices speaking out. This is in the style of Russian active measures, but Democrats appear complicit or even to be spear-heading it. Just read a tweet (by a candidate) about Rayshard Brooks being killed going about his everyday business. If being passed out drunk with the car on in the Wendy’s take-out line at 10.30 pm (and when he was supposedly happily married and a good father) is normal everyday business then there is a problem already. That’s apart from him being dropped there by his girlfriend. Whether this person really believes that or is too lazy to find the facts, they are not safe to have in government.

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  1. Sorry I upset you! I don’t pay attention to the titles on YouTube videos, 99% of them are downright misleading and stupid and have nothing to do with the content of the video, and I noticed they like to add black to get everyone to listen and many people get upset and consider it clickbait. I don’t remember if he called himself black, because they’re empty words to me and just like you pointed out, some aren’t really black, the Democrats are in the power seat right now and the media are professional agitators and have been trying for a long time to get this to happen, that’s why I have been posting a lot of videos so they actually see what happened no matter what stupid title is on the video

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    • Thanks, as always, for your kindness but you didn’t upset me, he did. I loved that video and had wanted to put it, but couldn’t bring myself to do it for the above reasons. So, I am glad that you posted it. I just found out that the CNN diversity person (since 2019) is a Mexican adopted by a white family. She was upset as a child and teen that she wasn’t tall and skinny and blond like her adopted family. She must be the one inciting hate. The new CEO is Jason Kilar who came from Amazon. He passed all the power to her for diversity matters, it seems. There were two names associated with that video – one Tamil and one anglo, so he could still be black. However, he couldn’t bring himself to call himself African American but just referred to “someone with my skin color”. You make me smile, too, because one of the #ADOS (African American Descendants of Slavery) leaders, Yvette Carnell, just said that her DNA shows that she is more Irish than Nigerian and points out that is one reason #ADOS – who arrived 200 to 400 years ago – are Americans and not Africans. We can’t be Americans, either, if they keep importing people. BTW, Joy Reid’s parents are from Africa but she was pretending to be a descendant of slaves, recently, and doesn’t even have the story straight. Brutal chattel slavery existed in Latin America long before the USA and she pretended it was here first. Rayshard Brooks was shot in the left buttocks and lower left back which tells me that the aim was to his left hip as he tased the officer, but the county and media are spinning it as shooting him in the back. CNN actually had the truth in an article but not in the title. I am taking the opposite approach and trying to find non-Trump supporting black voices who speak sanity. I am sure that there are many blacks who don’t agree that being passed out drunk in the drive-thru is normal but they are too busy working to speak out or even keep up.

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