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I knew that Facebook had a dark side, following the scandal of “Cambridge Analytica”. For those who were not aware of this case, in 2018, a computer genius discovered that more than 87 million personal data were recovered without the knowledge of users.

On Facebook, the little innocuous tests that we regularly fill in the form of games, and others are far from being as commonplace as they seem, they allow them to collect a large amount of information on the personality and habits of users, in a roundabout way, subliminal.
These are then sold to various well-known advertisers in the consumer markets.

Following this scandal which made the headlines of the media, millions of subscribers had definitively closed their accounts.

In short, this was just a reminder of Facebook’s unscrupulous actions.

In my case, I registered on this site for one and only reason: The defense of animals.

But it turns out that, again, I have serious questions about Facebook’s biases. Indeed, I have just been blocked for a month following the publication of an animated image of their own list, I give you the reason for this blocking: ”  Does not respect the standards of the community concerning nudity or acts sexual ”!

While hundreds of erotic images of women leaving no doubt about their intentions are circulating without any censorship, I find myself blocked by the animated image of a little cat rummaging in a drawer!

I know that we, animal friends, vegan, vegetarians in addition, more and more numerous every day, have a considerable list of informers. Our fight in animal protection disturbs, and as a result, we regularly receive violent verbal attacks from hunters, breeders and all those for whom the death of an animal is exploitable and lucrative.

However, and by the greatest chance, when we have altercations with them, a few days later, we find ourselves blocked, the denunciation on the part of this type of individuals is not a surprise for anyone, but what What is much more surprising is that these people are never reprimanded, nor even blocked by Facebook!

When I say Facebook, we don’t know who is doing what, since according to my information, algorithms manage blockages.

What is very amusing on this site, it is their manner of infantilising the users: a stupidity equals a punishment, you do not go around the corner, but one blocks you for fixed durations, more or less long! Very childish as a process.

Me, I want to play in your sandbox, but I would not be dizzy on the turnstile of your unjustified punishments!


  1. Why not just cease using Facebook? It’s strictly a venue for mental masturbation and the miscreant who started it and profits every time somebody uses it, Mark Zuckerberg, is no friend of animals. Just google the little creep’s past escapades with animals.

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    • I was on Facebook for a year to sign petitions and they used every trick in the book to keep you from signing, so I gave my notice and that took a month, luckily I got out right before they were hacked! So I’m sure it’s worse in other countries.
      Thanks for the info on him Groff.


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