White Supremacist Group Poses as Antifa on Twitter

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Trump Jr. retweeted the fake Antifa account, which was run by a white supremacist group, IdentityEvropa. How did he find the tweets? The fake Antifa used the logo, in German, from the original Stalinist Antifa, which refused to work with Social Democrats. Rather, they called them social fascists. This failure to unite against Hitler enabled his rise to power. They are a dangerous example of what happens when politics becomes purely theoretical, as opposed to practical.

White supremacist group poses as Antifa on Twitter

Link: https://youtu.be/UIOYAQd3x8o
The CNN report points out that (often) nothing is as it seems. It is important to remember that we don’t know who Antifa really is. Is it really just volunteers? Or are some paid? If so, by whom? Maybe fake Antifa is actually the real Antifa?

☭ANTIFA America☭ (@ANTIFA_US) http://archive.vn/AD9Zg

Notice that they are using the German in their logo: “The…

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2 comments on “White Supremacist Group Poses as Antifa on Twitter

  1. Thanks for the reblog! I found it enlightening that the definition of “fascist” for the original Antifa was anyone who wasn’t a communist! And, they worked with or for Stalin and Stalin eventually made a pact with Hitler.

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