Trump HHS Sec Azar’s Former Company (Eli Lilly) Partners With Chinese Junshi To Co-Develop Coronavirus Treatment; Eli Lilly Is Based In VP Pence’s Home State

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HHS Secretary Alex Azar was Chair of Trump’s Coronavirus task force until end February, during the most important period to prevent spread. Azar was formerly President of Lilly USA. (Eli) Lilly is based in Indiana. In Dr. Bright’s recent whistleblower complaint, we unsurprisingly read that: “Dr. Bright acted with urgency to begin to address this pandemic but encountered resistance from HHS leadership, including Secretary Azar, who appeared intent on downplaying this catastrophic threat… On February 27, 2020, Secretary Azar testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee that “The immediate risk to the public remains low.” He added, “It will look and feel to the American people more like a severe flu season in terms of the interventions and approaches you will see.”
Because pharmaceutical patents are so short in duration, pharmaceutical companies need new drugs every couple of decades to prevent or…

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