The Navajo Nation Has Only One Official COVID-19 Relief Fund If You Wish To Donate

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It appears best and safest to give directly to the official Navajo Nation Covid-19 Relief Fund through their governmental web site. They take monetary and non-monetary donations. Donations are tax deductible. Some other fundraising activities may or may not be legitimate, and may take a percentage.

Click on the Donate button on this Navajo Nation Governmental (Dept. of Health) web site to donate:

At the Donate Button linked page it explains:
Navajo Nation COVID-19 Relief Fund
The Navajo Nation COVID-19 Fund has been established to help the Navajo Nation respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the Navajo Nation’s only official COVID-19 fundraising and donation effort.

The Navajo Nation is accepting monetary and non-monetary donations to address immediate medical and community needs. Charitable donations to the Navajo Nation are deductible by the donor for federal income, estate, and gift tax purposes…” Read more here, including

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6 comments on “The Navajo Nation Has Only One Official COVID-19 Relief Fund If You Wish To Donate

  1. Thanks for the reblog! I actually saw a go fund me discussed on an Irish web site ( the Independent) and couldn’t find out if it was official or not. It isn’t and Go Fund Me takes some of the proceeds. Hopefully they will give the money to the Navajo, but who knows. The “Go Fund Me” has raised a lot of money, because the Irish recall that the Choctaw sent them money during the famine and want to help the Navajo, they’ve said in Go Fund Me comments.

    I worked out awhile back that the longer you’ve been in this country, the worse they treat you, with some upper class exceptions. American Indians were here first, then Blacks, and some whites. But the whites could marry to newer more prosperous immigrants. Plus, some indentured whites did benefit from slavery (of course some southeaster American Indians had slaves too).

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