Stop killing dogs in Ukraine

Stop killing dogs in Ukraine Because of the coronavirus, human stupidity, misinformation, and false information have killed thousands of cats and dogs in many countries around the world, including China, blaming them for the pandemic. Fortunately, it has been proven that animals do not transmit the virus, but many people do not know it and animals continue to suffer from torture and are killed in the worst possible ways. In China they have already stopped with the murder of dogs in their vast majority, but in countries like Ukraine they still think that they are responsible for or transmitters of the coronavirus, so they are shot, poisoned or beaten to death. They are captured, locked up in small cages where they all live piled high, and then killed without mercy, out of simple ignorance. We must ask the Ukrainian government and its President to do everything humanly possible to protect the lives of the dogs that are being brutally killed, because it has been shown that they do not transmit the virus nor are they responsible for the pandemic, on the contrary, they are as victims as us, or even more.

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        • Some could be for selfish reasons so they have company and some are emotional, but both can be bad for the animal, when all this ends and they go back to the regular lives and they get bored with the animal they will surrender them to the shelter, and that’s very hard on the animal, and foster care they have to take them back unless they decide to adopt, it’s hard enough for them to live in the shelter but to be taken out and then return Weeks later, that’s really going to be hard on animals!
          I’ve done foster care for sick animals and some that have puppies or kittens that are sick, but that’s only for a week or two and some have done foster care for ones that are pregnant and keep them until they deliver and are weaned.

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          • This just goes to prove the importance of your blog. Many of us need education from experienced experts like you. Often nothing is as it seems. I had thought it was a great thing. But, more recently I have wondered if some adopted to have an excuse to go out (dog-walking), too.

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            • I meant, of course, that I thought that the adoptions were a great thing, until you clarified the potential pitfalls. My father used to take students’ dogs (and sometimes other animals) when they finished school (the owners not the dogs) and moved and couldn’t take them with them, or there were puppies. Then he gave them away to other students in the fall. We even got a goat and a lamb. So, we had dogs and other animals who stayed and those who were fostered, before the concept existed. Somehow he never got cats, but I got a kitten being given away in front of the local store, after my cat had been killed by stray dogs.

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            • That’s wonderful that your dad did that and helped out so many animals, many wind up in the shelter or as strays! I’m sorry about your cat, that’s heartbreaking!

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