Please listen to this important video about COVID-19…it can save a loved one’s life and take notes!!!

3 comments on “Please listen to this important video about COVID-19…it can save a loved one’s life and take notes!!!

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  2. I would like to know if it’s an NYC publicly owned hospitals or all of them. They’ve announced someplace – maybe it was New York – that they weren’t going to revive Covid patients because a regular Code Blue involves multiple staff members and exposes them all to Covid. There is some machine that can do it, but they are short of the machines. So, that’s not a secret. Chloroquine is an immune suppressant so I am skeptical of it apart from cytokine storm, which is the immune system overreacting. To me it’s even more murder to send sick people back to nursing homes and regular home to infect others, as has and is being done. For the ventilators, I worry if they are saying negative things about them because they are in short supply – though the more gentle oxygen makes more sense. If they aren’t being provided with protective equipment, then they are brave just to go to work. However, in the videos that I saw – they had the equipment in the Elmhurst Hospital. A lot of medical professionals go in it for the money, so it doesn’t really surprise me if they don’t care. What surprises me is when people do care. I wouldn’t go help NYC. I would stay home to protect my city or state. The areas of NYC badly hit were the areas which are mostly immigrants-illegal immigrants and many of the doctors seem to be foreign trained. NYC has been a sanctuary city since 1988. While immigrants are humans, so are we. If you bring the overpopulated third world to the USA then it’s no surprise we’ve become like or worse than the third world. The world in general and the US, in particular, has too many people. We are like mice and rats. There are too many of us and for that fact, alone, our lives have no value. It’s very depressing. Hopefully our lives have value to God.

    All of this just proves to me that why we don’t need Medicaid for All. Nor should they force us to buy health insurance. If you are healthy you can’t get treated and if you are sick they kill you or send you home. France with “Medicaid for All” has a death rate of 18% – 38% of those deaths were in nursing homes.

    This explains the New York triage plan. They deny that they are denying care according to age, because they know it’s illegal, but they really are:
    Doctor in New Orleans apparently killed everyone with do not revive orders, rather than evacuating them. This was regardless of prognosis and appears to be to cover up the murders:
    In Italy they were refusing to give ventilators to those over 60 due to shortages. This or one of the other links has a link to the Charlson index used for triage which gives you demerit points so they won’t help you if you are 80 or above. It is less if you have a pre-existing condition:

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