YouTube artists came together and recorded their stunning version of ‘We Are The World’



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In 1985, the world’s biggest artists came together and recorded the mega hit WE ARE THE WORLD. The legendary king of pop Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote the song that became an instant classic.

From the USA For Africa website:

“On January 28, 1985, the music industry and the world came together in an unprecedented outpouring of generosity in response to the tragic famine wreaking havoc in Africa at the time. The biggest names in music ‘checked their egos at the door’ to create what was and still is a worldwide phenomenon. The recording of We Are The World.”

From Channel Aid:

“In 2018 we recorded the remake of “We are the World” together with YouTube Music and 33 artists at the legendary Capitol Studios at Studio A in Los Angeles. It was a very special feeling for everyone. We wanted to show that the online world stands together for something special. None of us would have thought that exactly this song would be so important again 15 months later.

The Covid-19 has reached us. We all have to stay at home. We all have to limit ourselves to prevent bad things happening and to save lives. Because of this we have decided to show solidarity with all the artists + Allie Sherlock from 2018!”

Without much further ado please watch the incredible and heartfelt performance of YouTube Artists below:


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Lockdown : Perks for African Penguins loop

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#Lockdown has its perks for #Africanpenguins in Simon’s Town.

A precious video of the Cape Penguins taking the world by storm…

This is one of the reasons why our Cape Penguin Rangers have their hands full but waddling down the street is enjoyable & safer for the birds these days, clearly!

Maybe they are off to get their essential supplies from the shops?

Look at how they walk on the pavement and wait for each other to catch up.

#AdoptAnEgg at and get connected to the very heart of saving this #endangeredspecies.

Keeping our seabirds safe with #CityofCT SANParks – Table Mountain National Park and Cape Town Environmental Education Trust – CTEET

Video credit: @MikaelaSlier

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