Germany: Zoos plan emergency slaughter of inmates

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

The zoos and animal gardens in Germany are also suffering from the corona crisis. Due to the lack of income, they are under increasing pressure.

Bankruptcies are imminent – but what will become of the animals?

The animal park Neumünster has drawn up emergency plans for the slaughter of its animals because of the existential corona forced closure. It also says who will be the last to go to the slaughterhouse in the event of a fall: the 3.60 meter tall polar bear«Vitus», said Zoo Director Verena Caspari.

Vitus, the polar bear- Neumünster

The background is that the zoo currently has no income from visitors and is only kept alive by donations.

“We are an association,” said Caspari. “We do not receive any urban funds, and everything we have applied for so far has not yet been received by us. We currently only survive with donations.”

That’s enough.


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4 comments on “Germany: Zoos plan emergency slaughter of inmates

      • Last year, they sinned against the monkeys and this year, they began again.
        We also have those idiots who think that pets will give them the Corona virus, so they abandon them in oubluc spaces or surrender them to the SPCA. Very Frustrating.

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        • That’s sad they are not getting proper information so they can make intelligent decision’s on facts.
          In this country the only reason people are giving up their pets because they can’t afford to keep them because the economy is shut down, shelters, rescues, pet food companies, veterinarians,and communities are all stepping up to help keep the pets with their families.
          I pray this all ends soon for everyone’s safety. Be safe Kavitha


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