Petition: Tell PM Trudeau to bring WiFi to Indigenous reserves


Sign the Petition Maxie Liberman started this petition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

I have created this petition on behalf of Paula Laing, who lives on Six Nations without internet access. This is her plea: My name is Paula Laing and I am an educator. I live with my two children on Six Nations Reserve. I would like to speak up for all Six Nations students going to school off reserve and remind you that not all of us have access to internet. The success of our students depends on them risking their lives and their family’s lives by having to send them to someone else’s house to acquire internet. Case in point, my son who just returned from Queens University engineering had to leave our home to access internet for his midterm exams. Then return home to us, having exposed himself to another family. This is the same thing all high school students on reserves will need to do to access your learning plan. This exposure to families and Covid 19 is exactly what our Prime Minister is asking us not to do! Sadly, Bell and every other provider I have tried has advised me to cut down my trees or put up my own individual internet tower at a cost of $7000 because Bell has not invested in putting any towers, fiberoptic etc. in our area. Our success depends on access to technology in this difficult time of Covid 19. This is an opportunity for Reconciliation as our community is about to go on lockdown to spare losing our elders. I have spent my career as an educator advocating for our students. You can be assured as a parent with two kids in your system I will continue to fight for their right to not be left behind! Success for All students! Please sign this petition and ask Justin Trudeau to bring internet access to reserves across Canada.

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