This Is Just The Start… Please Wear Your Face Masks

2 comments on “This Is Just The Start… Please Wear Your Face Masks

  1. We just passed the 1,000 mark in people infected with COVID-19 in our county. We’ve had 17 deaths, and what’s interesting is MOST of the infections are coming in the 25-44 age group! No one there has died yet (65-+ is the most), but EVERYONE should be taking steps to not get infected, or infect anyone else!!!

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    • Exactly!!! It has no age limits… college kids in Austin Texas went on spring break to Mexico, now 25 of them so far have tested positive, and prisoners are testing positive and we know what age group they are, Dumb and Dumber the Mayor and Governor of New York are not doing anything to keep this from spreading they haven’t even shut down the subways, Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania has us on lockdown and he wants everyone to wear masks when they go out, we’re only allowed to go out to the grocery store and to pickup medication, and they’re enforcing it, a sixteen-year-old in Red Lion went for a ride the other night and the state police pulled her over and gave her a $202.25 ticket.

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