The coronavirus and what to expect by the end of the month…

World’s Elites Didn’t Let Coronavirus Stop Their Travels…

We the people must be ever vigilant safeguarding our rights, freedoms and liberties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week protecting our life, liberty and sacred honor, for we are the Tea Party 247. Read on for today’s top stories… (Tea Party 247) – When there is a major world health crisis, the wealthy are exempt from following government-mandated protocols and restrictions. While the rest of us are being told to stop traveling and essentially hunker down at home for the next month, the world’s elites aren’t letting the coronavirus stop them from being where they need to be, when they need to be there. Instead of postponing trips until after the coronavirus frenzy calms down, the wealthy of the world are just flying private rather than commercial. Obviously, that’s the best way to go to places around the world where outbreaks may or may not be occurring while possibly carrying the virus themselves. According to the AFP, private jet demands are soaring: Fears of massive bankruptcies and calls for emergency bailouts have swept global carriers in recent days with one top US official warning that the outbreak threatens the industry even more than the September 11 attacks. But for Richard Zaher, CEO of a US-based private jet charter company, the emails and phone calls just keep coming. “Inquiries have gone through the roof,” he told AFP, noting his company Paramount Business Jets had seen a 400 percent increase in queries, with bookings up roughly 20-25 percent. “It is completely coronavirus,” he added. “We are seeing our regular private jet clients flying as they normally do. However, we have this surge of clients coming our way and the majority of them have never flown private.” Across the world airlines have been slashing capacity and passengers cancelling travel plans as countries block arrivals to stem the spread of COVID-19. ForwardKeys, a travel analytics company, estimates as many as 3.3 million seats on transatlantic flights alone are disappearing. Zaher said many new bookings were from clients who had emergencies and either could not find seats on commercial routes or did not want to risk them. One recent booking involved a woman who flew her elderly mother across the United States. “Her mum was on oxygen and needed to be flown coast to coast,” Zaher said. “They felt it was necessary to pay a premium in order to avoid flying commercial and to be together during this uncertain time.” A spokeswoman for Air Charter Service in Hong Kong told AFP they had seen a 70 percent increase in fixed bookings from the financial hub, Shanghai, and Beijing in January and February, and had recorded a 170 percent jump in new customers during the same period. “It is the kind of people who are wealthy enough but who would not necessarily charter, who are maybe chartering as a one-off,” said James Royds-Jones, Air Charter Service’s director of executive jets for Asia Pacific. Because when you’re wealthy, the world literally revolves around you. It’s so nice that they are taking the consideration to fly privately to possibly contract and/or spread the coronavirus that has gripped the world in panic and fear. If only people would just stay put, maybe the threat would end and we could all get back to our normal lives.

World’s Elites Didn’t Let Coronavirus Stop Their Travels…

Vò Italy Used Combination of Testing & Quarantine to Stop Coronavirus; In Lombardy 11% Mortality Rate of those Testing Positive for Coronavirus Exceeds 1918 Flu

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Italy was slow to take action. As a result, many have died, and will die, unnecessarily. But, Italy has taken action, and fewer should die from Coronavirus-Covid-19, than otherwise would be the case.

Nonetheless, the Covid-19 infection rates, hospitalization rates, and death rates continue to rise in Italy. While testing has increased, those testing positive have also increased.

Italy needs to serve as a warning/wakeup call of things to come in other countries. Coronavirus arrived in Italy on January 31st, and the first cluster was identified in Lombardy on February 21st – less than a month ago.

The mortality (death) rate from Coronavirus, Covid-19, was 11% as of yesterday, March 18th, for the Lombardy region. The estimate for the worldwide mortality rate from the 1918 flu is around 10%.

Since March 14th, testing in Lombardy has increased by over 30%, but cases have increased by over 50%. 67% of…

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Repair Electrified Manhole Covers That Shock Dogs – Animal Petitions

Multiple dogs suffered burns and other injuries after stepping on malfunctioning electrified manhole covers. Some accounts have described dogs exposed to the current for up to 20 minutes. Demand a full inspection of all Chicago’s manhole covers for the safety of animals.

Source: Repair Electrified Manhole Covers That Shock Dogs – Animal Petitions

Save Animals Abandoned Amid COVID-19 Outbreak – Animal Petitions

Animals are quickly becoming the forgotten victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, as false fears of their role in the virus’ transmission mount. Severely depleted shelter resources and aid could deprive thousands of animals of help and homes. Demand these abandoned innocents get the care they desperately need.

Source: Save Animals Abandoned Amid COVID-19 Outbreak – Animal Petitions

Stop Offering Bounties to Kill Stray Dogs – Animal Petitions

Dogs are being mistakenly blamed for spreading COVID-19, and slaughtered in a misguided attempt to stop the virus. However, there is no evidence that animals can pass the disease to humans. Stop the pointless killing of these innocent animals.

Source: Stop Offering Bounties to Kill Stray Dogs – Animal Petitions

PETITION: Support Vietnam’s Proposed Wildlife Trade Ban

Source: Tencent Sign This Petition 11508 Signatures Collected PETITION TARGET: Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc In Vietnam and other countries around the world, animals – from snakes, rats and bats to pangolins, dogs and cats – are locked in cages, tortured, slaughtered and sold to crowds of people amongst swarming flies and carcasses. This is both a tragic display of animal abuse and a dangerous health concern for humans, as these wet markets create the ideal breeding ground for zoonotic diseases, including the novel coronavirus. Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, has ordered the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to draft a ban on wildlife markets, as the deadly coronavirus pervades the planet and increasingly claims innocent lives. We must support Vietnam’s effort to outlaw these cruel and hazardous environments. “Buyers find it unbreathable due to the stink of bird droppings and food,” a disturbed visitor told Mirror. “Live birds are locked in cages and in some cases legs are tied into bunches. Sellers also sew their eyes, tape beaks, break wings, pluck feathers and use a mini gas cylinder to quickly cook them alive.” The prospective ban on Vietnam’s wildlife trade must be implemented as soon as possible with the devastating effects of coronavirus killing thousands of people worldwide. By outlawing this barbaric and unhygienic trade, governments have the power to potentially stop another pandemic and save countless lives, including those of the millions of animals slaughtered for their meat every year. Please sign this petition urging Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to do everything in his power to ensure that the proposed ban on wildlife trade passes quickly.

SIGN: Pass Vietnam’s Proposed Ban On the Cruel Wildlife Trade

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