A hospital for injured turtles


At the turtle hospital in Marathon, Florida, vets are currently taking care of 42 sea turtles. “But five are coming,” adds Bette Zirkelbach.
The next day, he reports that five others are doing CT scans at a normal hospital – “the human hospital”.

The Turtle Hospital is a veterinary rehabilitation center that, since opening in 1986, has treated and released thousands of sea turtles.
The facility hosts around 100 turtles each year, but this number can vary considerably. They hosted 81 turtles in 2016 and 175 in 2015. Of all these sea turtles, about half had a disease called fibropapilloma, or FP for short.
FP is a herpes-like virus that causes benign tumors. In themselves, tumors are not lethal, but they can eventually kill turtles by compromising their ability to breathe or swim. Recently, the hospital has tested a cutting-edge electrochemotherapy technique to remove tumors. Through a technique called electroporation…

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