Health Insurance Coverage in the United States in 2018 was 91.5%

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The extremely poor and the disabled are covered by Medicaid in the United States, and senior citizens are covered Medicare and/or Medicaid. The chart below shows the types of health coverage in OECD countries.  Bernie Sanders continues to mislead people on this topic.  As can be seen, there is great variation. Many countries force their citizens to buy health insurance, i.e. “compulsory health insurance“, as can be seen below. If they are forced by law to buy health insurance, of course they are covered by health insurance!Some of this health insurance coverage only allows treatment within the local county or region, so that it is cheaper.  This most basic insurance is non-profit. Such is the case for Switzerland, which WHO says still spends more than the US on health. The OECD says it spends a bit less: Bernie’s brother Larry Sanders is very worried about the…

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