“The Goal of Socialism is Communism” ~Vladimir Lenin – ‘FEAR’ The Bern! And Learn About His Perversions — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

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Did you get that?  Is that clear enough for everyone?  This was said by the father of Communism in Russia, Vladimir Lenin.

Did you know that between Lenin and Stalin, over 100 million (100 MILLION) People were slaughters for being dissenters?

If you didn’t know this – you KNOW IT NOW.

And if your grown children are “Feeling the Bern” as in Bernie Sanders; maybe it’s time to educated them about these Communist monsters throughout the history of the USSR.

See what Chairman Mao Zedong said:

And when Chairman Mao said “Enemy” he meant anyone who is a dissenter and not loyal to the Communist State.

Fidel Castro on Communism

“Even now we feel that Stalin was devoted to Communism, he was a Marxist, this cannot and should not be denied.”  ***(Stalin killed over 100 million people)

Kennedy on Communism

“Communism has never come to power in a country…

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4 comments on ““The Goal of Socialism is Communism” ~Vladimir Lenin – ‘FEAR’ The Bern! And Learn About His Perversions — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

  1. Thank you for this. He was an elector for the SWP, which is a Marxist-Leninist communist political party, in 1980 and 1984. This means that he was 39 and 43 years old. Even the Soviet Union, as we call it, was actually the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics – a name we almost never hear. He worked at a Marxist Zionist Kibbutz, in the 1960s, which had been Soviet allied. That kibbutz was a bit friendly with Arab neighbors. It was connected to the leftist-communist Mapam party. Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s wife, Miriam’s father was an important official in Mapam. Miriam and Sheldon are Trump megadonors. Some of the Zionists worked with Italian fascists to get weapons and fight to overthrow British rule in Palestine during WWII and after WWII. I suspect that his father’s involvement in these arms shipments is what William Barr is hiding, and that Ghislaine Maxwell’s father was involved in this, and perhaps Bernie Sanders’ father. Both Donald Barr and Maxwell (Ghislaine’s father) were in Germany after the war. Donald Barr with the OSS. He hired Epstein as a teacher. Bernie’s father left what was then, and again is now Poland in 1921. I think his father was probably Soviet allied. I think we are looking at some old multigenerational networks that are destroying this country.

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    • Oh, it’s also important to know about the 1871 Paris Commune (and Commune in Lyon). They were early attempts to form a workers state in those cities. Lenin studied them intently. Their biggest success was outlawing bakery work on Sunday. The Communards were brutally suppressed and Lenin studied that and hence chose to brutally suppress his opponents. He also used this idea of the united front so if you dont’ agree you get kicked out of the party or worse, and he’s supposed to be at the origin of the term “politically correct”. Some believe that Lenin was supported by Germany to get Russia out of WWI and that makes a lot of sense to me. Lenin was living in Zurich and Germany let him through to Russia. The Swiss took his food at the border, though. And, by the way, none of these “communist” parties and states followed Marx’s ideas, as they weren’t very developed countries. Marx loved capitalism and he would have loved the efficiency of Walmart. He seems to have detested nature as he spoke of the idiocy of rural life. But, he believed that at some point that when Walmart or Amazon made things centralized and efficient that it would be best for workers to take them over. And, it sounds like this may be what Bernie’s up to. Trump has weakened the structure enough so as to facilitate a coup by Bernie. Except it won’t be for the workers but for Bernie as the new Stalin, IMO. The SWP was initially Trotskyist and they believed that revolution had to be total for the entire world or not at all. This makes Bernie’s open borders especially suspect. Marx was actually supported by Engels who was manager for his father’s industrial company. Engels even took “credit” for Marx’ illegitimate child with a maid. Engels wrote more interesting things and Marx was a total jerk. Engels wrote things about Ireland, women’s rights, and German peasant religious wars. Lenin’s book on Imperialism is historically interesting. It features Trump lender Deutsche Bank. But, Lenin apparently pirated his Imperialism off of an earlier author with a book called Imperialism – maybe Schumpter.

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