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Bernie Sanders Strongly Supported Burying Vermont Nuclear Waste in Texas Despite Opposition; Poor Communities Beware (Includes Transcript)

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Please read this post carefully. If you find this behavior reprehensible, we urge Bernie supporters to find another candidate before it is too late, and for everyone to spread the word.

Bernie Sanders knows that nuclear is dangerous, yet he had no qualms about sending Vermont’s nuclear waste cross country to be buried in Texas. Rather he said: “I rise in strong support of H.R. 629. Mr. Chairman, the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act and its 1985 amendments make commercial low-level radioactive waste disposal a State and not a Federal responsibility“. Sanders then goes on to make false claims that Texas is geologically appropriate for burial, and that Vermont is not. When it helped him get shot of Vermont nuclear waste to Texas, he said it can’t be left on site: “Leaving the radioactive waste at the site where it was produced, despite the fact that that…

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Bernie Sanders for President Co-Chair Ro Khanna is Pushing for a NATO-Like Military Relationship with India (as is Tulsi Gabbard)

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Congressman Ro Khanna, who is Bernie Sanders for President Co-Chair, is pushing for what he describes as a NATO-like alliance between the US and India. Tulsi Gabbard is also supporting this alliance. More than anything, this bill would allow India, which is a nuclear state that has never signed the non-proliferation treaty, to more easily access and steal more US military technology – endangering America’s future defense.

This does not serve the interests of the United States, apart from the military-industrial complex that Bernie and Tulsi pretend to abhor. It appears to only benefit the US military industrial complex in the near-term, until India finishes stealing the technology.

If it becomes a true NATO-like pact, it is a bad deal for the poor undercastes in India, who could end up as cannon fodder soldiers, alongside American soldiers, in India’s wars against China and Pakistan. The US isn’t the UK. India…

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BPA-Free Containers Dangerous to the Developing Brain, say scientists

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Consumers in the know are aware that BPA (bishpenol-A) is an endocrine-disrupting chemical commonly used in plastic drink bottles and cans used for fruits, vegetables, sauces, heat-and-eat meals in a can, soups and other foods. In what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially labels and treats as a “food additive”, BPA has been shown repeatedly to migrate or leach into the foods and liquids stored in containers coated with the chemical (this is especially true for high-acidic foods such as tomato sauces and pastes).  Many consumers are also aware that scientific research has linked BPA to a wide variety of serious health outcomes to adults, children and developing fetuses including that BPA appears to play a role in early miscarriage/pregnancy loss, placental diseases and various negative health outcomes after birth. However, far fewer consumers are in the know about the chemicals that food manufacturers have been using during…

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Dog-Fighting Allowed in Nation’s Largest Coyote Killing Contest in Pennsylvania

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The Mosquito Creek Sportsman’s Club will be hosting its 29th Coyote Hunt on February 21-23rd in Frenchville, Pennsylvania. The annual coyote killing contest is the largest in the nation, not only because of the number of participants, but also because of the tens of thousands of dollars paid out for literally every coyote killed with hounds, guns or traps.

CHECK IN Check-in time at the Mosquito Creek Coyote Hunt in 2019.

Last year, over 4,800 hunters were registered in the two day contest, with 225 coyotes tallied at the weigh-in. The largest cash prize of $9,624 was awarded to a hunter from Erie for the heaviest coyote killed during the contest. Each coyote killed gained the hunter $86, with a total of $48,120 being paid out to contest participants during the 2019 hunt.

MOSQUITO CREEK HUNT 2019 Not only the nation’s largest coyote hunt, but in the entire world?

Many of the participant’s in this year’s…

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