Babies, Cleaning Chemicals and Childhood Asthma Link Uncovered

Chemical Free Life

A new first of its kind study suggests infants who are exposed to cleaning products are more likely to develop asthma and wheeze later in life than their unexposed counterparts.

Study overview

Researchers used the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Cohort Study to determine the levels of cleaning product exposure for 2,022 Canadian infants in the first three months of their lives.  The researchers then assessed the children at the age of three to determine if they had developed asthma, wheeze or allergies.

Findings overview

The researchers found an association between early exposure to cleaning products and a risk of asthma and wheeze.  (There appeared to be no such connection between cleaning chemical exposure and allergies.)

Why would infant exposure to cleaning product chemicals trigger asthma later in childhood?

The researchers believe chemicals in these products can trigger the inflammatory pathways of the immune system and…

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