Dillsburg couple that spent days in quarantine on cruise ship in Japan now headed to the US for more quarantine

Happy birthday Colette.

Happy wedding anniversary too.

Colette and Bill Smedley of Dillsburg have a lot to celebrate. But, unfortunately the only thing they can celebrate is finally getting a chance to head back to the U.S. for more quarantine for the coronavirus.

The couple had been trapped for days onboard a Diamond Princess cruise ship in a Yokohama port outside of Tokyo where passengers have been falling sick around them. The cruise was supposed to be a romantic getaway for their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Now, it’s Colette’s birthday and they are boarding a plane back to the U.S.

Bill Smedley writing on faceook:

“Happy birthday Colette. We left the ship at midnight. 6.5 hr stuck on a bus after a 15 minute drive to the airport we took off. Passport system horrible. 12 buses with a police escort side streets blocked curtains drawn .Felt import. We are in the first class section. Seats are old Russian passenger plane seats that are so much more comfortable than the new seats even have leg room . Headed to Texas and then maybe to Nebraska no one knows. Plane is warm now but freezing for the first 5 hrs. 12 .5 total hopefully. Porta potties strapped down with plastic pipes running out side for our comfort. 160 ppl. Suited hooded. Drs running around took temps once. Another scheduled. One medic was in tears as he welcomed us on board. “All of America is praying for you” he said. The enormity of this situation struck me pretty hard seeing his welcome. Coolers of water box meals and snacks plentiful. Even chips yes. No media anything to occupy our time, however we are sitting with some great new friends to help with the time. Talking is difficult with masks. Should touch down 1230 pm ish Not sure what’s gonna happen .Probably a lot more waiting around hopefully not but we shall see.”

Bill Smedley
Bill & Colette Smedley are headed back to the US after spending their wedding anniversary in quarantine on a cruise ship off Yokohama

Bill Smedley

The couple began their trip January 6th and was supposed to be home February 3rd.

“I’m trying not to think about it, you know,” Smedley told FOX43 back on February 10th when the couple was still onboard the ship. “There’s nothing I can do, you know. We’re here. If you get angry and upset about it it’s not going to do any good. So, you have to make the best of the situation you’re dealt.”
As for the couple’s wedding anniversary, Smedley said, “I think we’ll remember this one. This is our 33rd anniversary so I’m glad we like each other because it could be miserable if we didn’t.”


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