“Coronavirus emergency on flight to London”

2 comments on ““Coronavirus emergency on flight to London”

  1. I’m surprised that they didn’t impound the airplane. Someone on the cruise ship was whining that she was quarantined saying she “hadn’t done anything wrong” and had a business to run. Maybe she should have asked for the government to pay insurance but to whine and act like she should be allowed to go contaminate everyone else just pisses me off. She said that she didn’t have symptoms. But, how do they think viruses spread? They have to spread pre-symptoms and with asymptomatic patients. Speaking of which, how many die because people feel they have to go to church even when they are sick?! Someone told me that they coughed like crazy in the airport so that people would flee them and so they wouldn’t catch Corona virus. I’m glad they are testing for Corona some places. I wish they would test all.

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    • They almost did… The plane was sitting on the tarmac for a couple hours, after thorough examination they determined it was a false alarm. The woman saying she didn’t do anything wrong was a special kind of stupid! 🙄

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