Footage of what’s going on in China concerning the coronavirus

2 comments on “Footage of what’s going on in China concerning the coronavirus

  1. “Coronavirus: Why have two reporters in Wuhan disappeared?”
    14 February 2020

    From the LA Times: “He filmed corpses of coronavirus victims in China. Then the police broke into his home BEIJING —  Masked men in hazmat suits came in the night and knocked on Fang Bin’s door in Wuhan, China, demanding to put him in quarantine. “You went to such a dangerous place, couldn’t you have been infected?” one of them asked. “What if your sickness spreads to others?”…

    I think he’s wrong. I don’t think they should be running around and photographing the dead bodies. They could spread the disease. And, you don’t have to have symptoms to spread the disease. That’s not how most virus’ work. The officials were also wrong in that they took him to the police station, instead of quarantine or telling him to stay home.

    I still vividly recall a car accident where the person hit a house. This was decades ago, but to this day I wonder what happened. I didn’t go see, because at that time people emphasized not getting in the way of first responders.

    I also recall that in the late 1990s they had such a bad flu epidemic in the UK that they had no place to put the dead bodies and put them in refrigerator trucks.

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    • Thanks. I agree they shouldn’t be in the zone, and they’re in such a hurry to get the story out that there’s so much misinformation and that’s the big problem, people are either in denial are there full-blown basket cases!

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