Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Saw America as the Solution, Not the Problem

2 comments on “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Saw America as the Solution, Not the Problem

  1. I think it is in letter from a Birmingham jail he criticizes the white “moderates” who say that it’s better to wait for integration. What a “moderate” is depends on the context. However, he also talks about his discussions with the white people working at the jail and how low their salaries were and how he told them that they should be marching with the black people. I had always heard that he was killed because he wanted poor whites and poor blacks to work together and was planning the poor people “Muel Train” march on Washington. Only more recently have I heard other things. King was highly criticized by Malcolm X for the “Children’s march”. The black adults wouldn’t march because they were justifiably afraid of losing their jobs, so mostly high school students marched and went to jail. One of his best (and most useful) speeches is the “Drum Major Instinct”. It was actually an adaptation of someone else’s sermon (as most of his sermons were – that was the style). I have wanted to summarize it. I wish they would license his works creative commons. Up until recently preachers bought books of sermons and modified them, and before that they learned sermons. So, this idea of copyright on a sermon is problematic.

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