Dog found in Bahamas rubble 3 weeks after hurricane adopted by Florida family


The dog, found by rescuers after he was nearly crushed by debris, was recently adopted by a Florida family.

Miracle, the puppy that was rescued in the Bahamas after surviving more than three weeks under debris from Hurricane Dorian, has a new family just in time for the

The Beaty family — Clark, Briana and their three daughters Jayne, 8; Kate, 5; and Clare, 3 — of Palm Beach, Florida, were formerly announced Wednesday as Miracle’s new owners during a news conference at the Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Loxahatchee Groves.

Clare Beaty, 3, Kate Beaty, 5, Jayne Beaty, 8, take a photo with Miracle. The dog was found in rubble in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. The Beatys of Florida adopted him.

“Miracle has now gained 16 pounds — almost half his body weight [when] he came in — and weighs almost 35 pounds,” said Lauree Simmons, Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s founder and president. “He’s healthy and ready to go home.”

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In October, workers from Big Dog Ranch Rescue found Miracle in Abaco, one of the hardest-hit areas in the Bahamas, after the Category 5 hurricane devastated the islands in September. The foundation used a drone with a high-resolution, heat-seeking camera to help them spot dogs that were either hidden under rubble or only coming out at night.


Clare Beaty, Jayne Beaty, Big Dog Ranch Rescue founder/president Lauree Simmons; mother Briana Beaty; and Kate Beaty take a photo with Miracle.

Miracle was trapped underneath an air conditioning unit that had fallen on him for more than three weeks after the hurricane struck. When rescuers located him, he was emaciated, his muscles had atrophied and he was suffering from other diseases after surviving only on rainwater.

Simmons was the first to start calling the dog Miracle as he recuperated in Florida. More than 10,000 families reached out to the organization, offering to adopt him.

Yarleen Rodriguez, Big Dog Ranch Rescue veterinary clinic manager, treats Miracle.

On Monday, Briana Beaty told ABC News that her family of five was looking forward to having the “best holiday ever” with Miracle.

“We’re so grateful to Big Dog Ranch for saving him and all the love they put into him,” she told ABC News on Monday.

ABC News’ Laura Laughead contributed to the reporting in this story.

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