Petition: stop the use of gas Chambers to euthanize animals!
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Amy Estudillo started this petition to American Veterinary Medical Association and 2 others

Hello Everyone, I’m doing a project at school about how gas chambers shouldn’t be used to euthanize any animal. Here’s why I think this should be stopped… Using gas chambers as a way to euthanize animals is inhumane and stressful. In Illinois there is a new law that only Licensed Veterinarians are able to use gas chambers. I don’t agree with this and believe that no one should be allowed to gas an animal to death, even if they are licensed.

Putting an animal to sleep should be peaceful and painless but when they are in the gas chamber they are scared, in pain and stressed. It can take up to 30 minutes for an animal to die in a gas chamber. Most of the time animals are still conscious when their vital organs start to fail. EBI (Euthanasia by injection) should be the only way that veterinarians and shelters should put an animal down. It is stress free and painless. Animals don’t deserve to suffer their last few moments of life. They should go in a peaceful and quiet room.

What I hope to accomplish from this project is to make people aware of what is happening and that gas chambers aren’t a quick and easy death like most people think. Ask your veterinarian if they use gas chambers or your local shelter, if they do then raise your concerns to them. Signing this petition will help a lot because I will be able to show that there are people that agree with me and also want gas chambers to be banned. Thank you!

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