Thousands of Koalas Feared Dead in Australia Fires; Much Koala Habitat Already Destroyed By Deforestation

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The main driver of the loss and fragmentation of koala habitat are the weak and permissive laws passed by state, federal and local governments which allow excessive tree-clearing and deforestation. Without the right species of eucalypts and other trees, koalas have no homes or food… Urban growth and infrastructure development in NSW and Qld are contributing to significant ongoing decline of coastal populations… Climate change is making Australia’s normally challenging weather for koalas more extreme by exacerbating droughts, heat stress and bushfires. This kills koalas, whether directly such as by overheating and dehydration, or indirectly by degrading the eucalypt forests they live in… Extended drought across NSW and Queensland has already coincided with a decline in koala numbers, along with habitat losses, which reduces the resilience of populations.” (Paull, D. et al. “Koala Action Plan” WWF-Australia, 2019, p. 6; 10 – See link and more at…

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