South Texas Father & Son Used Racehorses to Facilitate Drug Trafficking

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Monday, February 25, 2019
South Texas Father and Son Admit to Using Racehorses to Facilitate Drug Trafficking
VICTORIA, Texas – Two members of a prolific transnational, transgenerational drug trafficking organization have pleaded guilty as their trial was set to begin in Victoria federal court, announced U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Patrick. Raul Beltran Jr., 50, and his son Edward Beltran, 24, both of Rio Grande City, pleaded guilty today as they were set to begin trial before U.S. District Judge John Rainey.

The Beltran men admitted to massive amounts of drug smuggling – thousands of kilograms of marijuana.

The investigation began in January 2013 after a Victoria County Sheriff’s Office deputy interdicted approximately 600 pounds of marijuana concealed in a horse trailer. The trailer also contained two racehorses.

That event prompted a lengthy, multiple-agency, multi-jurisdictional investigation that would ultimately uncover information and evidence demonstrating the illegal…

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Family dodges danger after UFO drone toy explodes into flames on Christmas Eve

An extremely popular gift over the last few years nearly caused a fire on Christmas Eve for an Illinois family.

Celeste Robinson and her husband bought As-Seen-On-TV UFO drones for their kids and plugged them in Christmas Eve so they could use them first thing in the morning.

The drones were hand held and specifically made for kids.

“We went ahead and put them on the charger, went down to go to sleep and realized there was another gift I forgot to wrap,” Robinson said.

That’s when she said her husband heard a strange hissing noise. They walked to the counter to find the drones hot to the touch.

“We unplugged them and all of a sudden it just started sparking like a firework, just shooting up,” she said.

Panicked, Robinson threw the malfunctioning drone on the floor after it burst into flames in her hand. It burned the carpet and pieces of metal stuck to the floor.

According to the instructions, the drone takes 40 minutes to become fully charged. Robinson said they were only plugged in for a half hour.

Robinson says the scare didn’t put a damper on their Christmas morning. But knows it could’ve ended a much different way.

“We had it sitting on the counter so if that spark would have gone up it would have hit the cabinet and flamed everything else,” she said. “We were so blessed that he heard the noise and he checked it out because we would have been asleep, it could have been our house, it could have been our lives.”

News 4 reached out to the manufacturer to find out what safety improvements are being made.

Right now, we’re still waiting to hear back.

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POLL: Do You Say “Merry Christmas?” | Culture Watch News

The left’s war on Christmas as reached a all new level.

President Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court appointment Justice Neil Gorsuch went on Fox and Friends and made a point to say “Merry Christmas.”

Now the left is flipping their lids – saying that Justice Gorsuch was echoing a “Republican talking point” by simply saying “Merry Christmas!”

Poll: Do You Say “Merry Christmas?”*

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