‘Staggering’ Scale of Waste: Billions of Dollars in Online Clothing Returns Go Straight to Landfills

Openhearted Rebellion

Even unsold items that haven’t been touched by a consumer are being trashed.

By Elias Marat, The Mind Unleashed

(TMU) — We all know that consumerism is a force that’s destructive to the environment, but too frequently the blame is placed on cultural factors — for example, our personal habits as consumers.

However, the enormous burden placed on the environment is primarily due to the actions of the large corporations that manufacture and sell consumer goods like clothing.

The waste generated by the fashion industry is no secret. Even clothing industry magnate and designer Eileen Fisher famously admitted that “the clothing industry is the second-largest polluter in the world … second only to oil.”

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Romanian Pound Won’t Feed Dogs for 12 Days of Christmas.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


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A message from Harmony Fund;


Romanian Pound Won’t Feed Dogs for 12 Days of Christmas


We’ve learned that more than 400 dogs at the Mioveni pound in Romania will be on their own for 12 days beginning on Christmas Eve. No workers are expected to come in over the holidays, leaving the dogs without food and water. Especially during the cold weather when these dogs have only minimal shelter from the cold, mealtime is the most important time of day. We can’t let them go hungry.


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Typically, these dogs receive leftover food from the local prison and from a car factory. It is a mix of food scraps that also includes toothpicks, orange and banana peels, napkins and other garbage. We’re in negotiations now to try to change that diet and to make sweeping improvements to the dog pound over the next few…

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Sign Petition: After Its Animals Burned Alive in the Night, This Safari Attraction Must Be Shut Down!

by: Care2 Team
recipient: African Safari Wildlife Park

On its website, the African Safari Wildlife Park tells its visitors to “Get Ready for a Wild Time!” But this past Thanksgiving brought a wild – and devastating – event that no one was prepared for. That evening, a barn on the Ohio property caught fire, and ten animals were burned alive.

After the tragedy, the facility closed for only one day to mourn these animals. Then it was back to business as usual. Sign to demand a better life for the surviving 300 animals.

Among the animals who lost their lives were antelope, bush pigs, and three giraffes. Horrific footage of the fire shows other giraffes galloping frantically, backlit by the blaze, as members of their herd died in agony.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated. The barn, which is said to have housed the animals for their own security and well-being, was a heated structure, and the fire was reported to have begun after a power flicker at the property. These animals are not suited for Ohio’s temperatures, and if the only way to keep them warm results in a fire that kills them, it is obvious they are in the wrong place.

In a statement from the company, the owners and staff express their grief, claiming that they love these animals. If they really love them, they would let them live out their days on a sanctuary instead of existing for entertainment purposes at the park – park that sees an estimated 150,000 visitors a year.

The surviving, traumatized animals must be saved. Demand that the African Safari Wildlife Park close its doors, and send their exotic animals to sanctuaries!more

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