FBI: Working with Presumption that Saudi Attack in Pensacola was Act of Terrorism; No “Credible Threat” to Pensacola; No Missing Saudi Students from NAS Pensacola

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The FBI’s Rachel Rojas says there is no “credible threat to our community“, which presumably means Pensacola, from the context. Who thought there was still a threat to Pensacola? What about the rest of the country? The majority of Americans want to know if there is a credible threat to the country, not if there is a threat to Pensacola! Pensacola is a miniscule 52,590 people. If there had been an additional credible threat to Pensacola, wouldn’t the credible threats have attacked already and/or fled to other parts by now? She says that no international students are missing from the Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, according to the Navy, but are any missing from elsewhere? She says that their Saudi commanding officer is restricting them to base! Shouldn’t the US restrict them to base? It’s unclear if her emphasis has meaning, or is simply an effort to enunciate…

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