Consumer BPA Exposure Much Higher than Originally Thought

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Thousands of scientific studies have linked the endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol A (BPA) common in U.S. food packaging and consumer products to a host of very serious health problems for both children and adults.  Despite the scientific evidence of the link between BPA and serious health concerns*, U.S. regulators such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have maintained that the BPA levels consumers are exposed to is “safe” and that the chemical therefore does not need to be banned or further regulated in the U.S. as it is in some other industrialized nations.

But now the position that current BPA exposure levels for U.S. consumers is “safe” has been empirically challenged.  Using new direct testing methods, scientific experts on the chemical BPA have made a new discovery: Previous estimates of the levels of BPA consumers are exposed to each day have been based on flawed, inaccurate testing methods…

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FBI: Working with Presumption that Saudi Attack in Pensacola was Act of Terrorism; No “Credible Threat” to Pensacola; No Missing Saudi Students from NAS Pensacola

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The FBI’s Rachel Rojas says there is no “credible threat to our community“, which presumably means Pensacola, from the context. Who thought there was still a threat to Pensacola? What about the rest of the country? The majority of Americans want to know if there is a credible threat to the country, not if there is a threat to Pensacola! Pensacola is a miniscule 52,590 people. If there had been an additional credible threat to Pensacola, wouldn’t the credible threats have attacked already and/or fled to other parts by now? She says that no international students are missing from the Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, according to the Navy, but are any missing from elsewhere? She says that their Saudi commanding officer is restricting them to base! Shouldn’t the US restrict them to base? It’s unclear if her emphasis has meaning, or is simply an effort to enunciate…

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URGENT – Call US Congress to Stop HR 5038: Amnesties Illegal Farmworkers; H-2A Visas Still Unlimited for Seasonal Work; Adds Year-Round Work Category for Dairies; Food Processing & More

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CALL YOUR MEMBER OF THE HOUSE TO STOP IT! With such mass migration – exemption here, exemption there; amnesty here; amnesty there; a few million here; a few million there – there will be no country to save. It will take a dictator and mass surveillance to keep order, and the entire country will become a desert due to overpopulation.

Stop HR 5038: Amnesties Illegal Farmworkers, H-2A Still Unlimited for Seasonal Work and Creates a New Work Category so that Foreign Workers can Work Year-Round in Dairies, Food-Processing (e.g. Meat-Packing plants, Fish Canneries), Nurseries, and More. This bill also seems to provide funding for housing for the foreign workers, while many Americans remain homeless. This is for…

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Do not allow Michael Vick to be honored in the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl

joanna lind started this petition to NFL

Just saw this on Facebook and was absolutely disgusted. When is the NFL going to take any responsibility for the behavior of it’s current and former players? To honor a man who had zero regard for animals is unacceptable and I would like your help to make sure he is NOT honored at the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl.

Elizabeth Marie 14 hrs
Just heard that the NFL announced Michael Vick will be one of four “legends captains” at the 2020 Pro Bowl. Does anyone else find it exhausting that the NFL constantly ignores their players criminal behavior?!

Below is a snippet of The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption.

“And then there was one last body that stood out from the rest. It had signs of of bruising on all four ankles and all along its side. Brownie had said that all the dogs that didn’t die from being hanged were drowned, except one.
As that dog lay on the ground fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its front legs and Michael Vick grabbed its hind legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground. The first impact didn’t kill it. So [they] slammed it again. The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth, pounding the creature against the ground, until at last, the little red dog was dead.”

When Shopping for Christmas Gifts… Please Make Cruelty Free Choices. 🎁