Illegal Aliens Arrested in Mississippi Raid Stole Identities of 400 Americans

President Trump calls it quits on New York taxes. He’s not alone

UH-OH… Dems Went All-In on Schiff Impeachment and Now It’s Quickly Turning Into a Schiff Show – Unconstitutional, No Crimes, With Only Far-Left Democrat Support

Trump:The American Years

Uh-Oh – The Democrats are in real big trouble.  Pelosi and gang went all-in on the Schifty Schiff and his rouge impeachment inquiry and it is quickly turning into a Schiff show.There are no crimes that President Trump has committed that would lead to  an impeachment inquiry and so lying Schiff keeps moving the goal posts.  But most importantly, only far-left Democrats are in favor of impeachment.You just can’t break the truth.  No matter how far you may bend it, it is always the truth.  The Democrats are learning this lesson again and it is going to be really ugly this time and it should.

Source: UH-OH… Dems Went All-In on Schiff Impeachment and Now It’s Quickly Turning Into a Schiff Show – Unconstitutional, No Crimes, With Only Far-Left Democrat Support

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Tucker Carlson Raises the Alarm About Displacement of US Workers By H1B & F-1/OPT Visa Holders

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Neither Republicans nor Democrats care about Americans, anymore. The majority of members of what is supposed to be the US Congress need to be primaried. The US needs to quickly find decent Republican and Democratic candidates for Congress and for President, who will represent the American people and not foreigners and foreign interests. He mentions stapling green cards to diplomas. This is one Congressional proposal but it can still be stopped. H1Bs and F-1/OPT visas are temporary so they can still be sent home. With the green card they become permanent. After the green card they become citizens.

Interesting that first Lou…

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Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) Refuses Debate on Immigrant Green Card Numbers & Distribution; John Cornyn (R-TX) Calls Hearing & Debate “Delay Factors”

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Not only is Republican from Utah Mike Lee refusing debate on the terrible S386 AND Democrat Durbin’s more terrible immigrant RELIEF act (S2603), Republican John Cornyn of Texas calls a hearing and debate “delay factors”! Lou Dobbs raises the alarm AND provides interesting information about Salt Lake City rentals to the tech industry, too – all in less than 3 minutes. Green cards holders are permanent residents and it’s the last step before citizenship. These bills increase family joining numbers, too, from Mexico, India, China, and elsewhere. Americans Call Congress! They are mostly hearing from foreigners. See more info below segment.

Americans Call Congress!
Stop S386 (aka Mike Lee’s India First Act);
Stop S2603 Durbin’s “Relief” for…

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Meet 5 Young Black Leaders Who Fight for Conservative Values

Trump:The American Years

If you’re black, you aren’t supposed to be a conservative.At least that’s what many African Americans say they’ve been told when they express support for President Donald Trump or reject left-wing talking points

.But at the recent Young Black Leadership Summit in the East Room of the White House, President Donald Trump gave more than 400 attendees a space to connect with like-minded peers and exchange battle stories about their experiences.

“Each of you has come to Washington for the Black Leadership Summit because you have what it takes to achieve real change on your campuses and in your communities,” Trump said in opening remarks at the Oct. 4 summit.

“And to every young person: You represent America’s future. You are the best and the brightest, the bravest and boldest.

”Organized by Turning Point USA, the second annual Young Black Leadership Summit aimed to build a groundswell of support for conservative ideas…

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NBC Airing Exposé on Gavin’s Failure: Violent Homeless Assaulting Citizens ‘He Dumped a Bucket of Diarrhea on my Head’ 

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The local NBC station is airing a “Streets of Shame” segment that is set to expose Gavin Newsom’s failures.The segment will show a different side of the homeless crisis. It’s not about “poor people” living on the streets…It’s about the poor productive citizens of California being viciously and ruthlessly attacked by these violent and deranged homeless people.Starting to Get Good: Report: Grab Your Popcorn: Tulsi Gabbard Just Unleashed Her Lawyers on Hillary ClintonIt’s gotten so bad in Calfornia that homeless men are walking up and down the streets punching citizens in the face and throwing them in front of cars.Can you imagine walking to work and getting a smelly fist in your face? Well, go to California and you might find out.ADVERTISEMENTA lot of these homeless people have a mental illness, or they’re strung out on drugs, or they’re just violent monsters hell-bent on hurting others.In one case a woman…

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Please do not support puppy mills