Coming to a Lab Near You: Animal-Free Testing of Lethal Neurotoxins


Venomous snakes are a threat not only to humans, but to pet dogs and cats as well; an estimated 300,000 dogs and cats are bitten by venomous snakes each year in the United States.  The bites from these venomous snakes can cause severe injury and death to companion animals so pet owners living in regions that are home to venomous snakes often opt to get their pets vaccinated with the controversial* rattlesnake vaccine.  The downside to these anti-venom vaccines, as well as emergency medical treatment for humans and pets who are bitten, is that the vaccines need to be tested on lab animals. But that may soon change.

Animal testing may no longer be required to assess a group of deadly neurotoxins.  That is because a new technique just developed could replace conventional methods of testing paralytic neurotoxins, which requires euthanasia of the test subjects.  Testing of paralytic neurotoxins is…

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