Aborted Fetal Cells in Your Coffee Creamer and Wrinkle Cream?

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Yesterday I read that the scalps of aborted babies are being sold to companies to help find out what causes male pattern baldness. Needless to say, this made me physically sick.  I think that selling the bodies and parts of aborted babies has to be the most wicked and evil thing humans can do.

Do these people have no consciences?

I originally wrote this article in 2016.  I will update information as I am able.

I have been tracking companies for years who have been using the cells of aborted babies in their products. I know this is horrifying and sounds more like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but I’m sorry to have to tell you that it’s true.

I have been able to get an updated list as of June 2016. Some of the companies have ceased this monstrous practice (I have listed those); although I’m sure it…

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6 comments on “Aborted Fetal Cells in Your Coffee Creamer and Wrinkle Cream?

  1. Apart from ethics, it is dangerous. Some of the claims I am skeptical, but know others to be true. As far back as the late 1970s there was placenta in some sort of lotion sold at the beach in Florida. This could be simply from births, however. After seeing cow brain in a French brand creme, I became very wary and used mostly olive oil until now there are many vegan options. This may be the source of the mammalian cells in some non-egg vaccines, though there would be other sources – such as pre-existing cell lines that are grown in petri dishes. All very disgusting, but use of human tissue and cells is the most dangerous of all, and tissue is known to transmit CJD (mad cow for humans). Most tissues would probably be from miscarriages since abortion is so restricted these days, and doctors carry out effective abortions on dead embryos-fetuses (no heartbeat, not growing, etc), if allowed. If the mother refuses to recognize the baby as dead, she may refuse.

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  2. Yes, dear Nancy, the human mind is completely deviated.
    We can no longer wonder at anything, in fact.
    There is no day that goes by that I have no emotional problems… just go around a bit on the internet.
    This damn technology that only brings us despair, even if informs us in real time of a thousand other important things against which to react.
    A hug and peaceful weekend
    🙂 claudine


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