Dengue Fever Spreading Rapidly Across Central America; Size of Outbreak Unprecedented

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From VOA News:
Dengue Fever Spreading Rapidly Across Central America
By VOA News September 27, 2019 08:46 AM
Dengue fever is spreading rapidly across Central America, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said Friday.   

The size of this outbreak is unprecedented across Central America,” said Dr. Maria Frana Tallarico, head of health of IFRC’s regional office for the Americas.

Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica are reporting “massive increases in dengue cases compared to previous years,” the IFRC said.

More than 71,200 people in Honduras have been affected by the mosquito-borne viral disease.

Seasonal rains and high temperatures have created stagnant pools that are “perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes,” according to IFRC.
What is alarming about the disease in Honduras, however, is that 65 percent of the 128 deaths thus far are children under 15 years-old.

“This is due to a lack of…

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10 comments on “Dengue Fever Spreading Rapidly Across Central America; Size of Outbreak Unprecedented

  1. Thanks for the reblog. I wish we would return to quarantine. I have been wishing it for decades. Visitors and travelers and immigrants are always more important than Americans. Measles is a big example. We get shots so they don’t have to!

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    • My pleasure, thank you for this information. I agree, if you travel to Africa you have to get all the shots required before you can go, they should need to have their shots and if needed quarantine in their own country!

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  3. Until the WHO & CDC cease to proclaim there is no cure or successful treatment for dengue fever, worldwide government health agencies will parrot this falsehood at the expense of innocent children who needlessly die daily. Even in Sri Lanka, where their own Sri Lankan award winning Dr. Sanath Hettige discovered the cure, reaffirmed by the BMJ and the University Of Nottingham, epidemics and individual sufferings/deaths still rage. Why the deadly disconnect? – it is those in sitting in seats of power and influence that allow a simple disease to manage, lumber on as an industry cash cow for all invested interests. See my WP posting that verifies what I share:

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