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  1. Below is their letter. I think that someone familiar with Africa and its French dialects could easy vet their claims, but I’m sure no one will. There seem to be around 200 per named country for a total of 3000. It sounds like a lot and it is, but not compared to the 100s of thousands piled up at the border each year nor the 100s of thousands from India we are about to let stay permanently. We let around 1 million in per year and only 10% are refugees-asylum seekers. http://cdhfraymatias.org/web/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/COMUNICADO-Asamblea-Africana-Tapachula-29-08-2019-ENG.pdf The question is why did they go that way instead of flying into Canada, where third world immigrants appear to be welcomed with open arms? They claim to have lost their papers, too. That’s why I say they would need an expert in language and culture to vet who they are. I know in Europe they pretended they couldn’t know who people without papers are, but they should have someone who could identify. Someone should be able to identify their place of origin and social status just by looking at their mannerisms and accent would confirm.

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      • I think that the official numbers are something like 70,000 to 120,000 refugee/asylum slots out of one million green cards. However, many of the one million are “family joining”. I suspect that most at the southern border get in based on family joining. If they don’t have family in the USA they just have a baby born here (which is why they should be kept separated and in holding or outside of the country) and then they are the family of the baby. I think these babies likely get priority over Americans who are trying to get their spouses in. Then the Americans can’t live with their spouses or have children – at least if the spouse needs to work. The policy of migrant or visitor who has a baby who then is an American citizen is stark raving mad. Only a few Latin American countries have that policy (e.g. Chile). The kid of an American could end up stateless if born abroad (now that’s going to be some US military kids too), whereas someone with no ties can come and have a baby and get US citizenship. I think that as the parent of an “American” baby they probably get to stay indefinitely waiting for their green card. There is another loophole, I think. It maybe be a loophole related to fear of violence or something separate from asylum and refugee – I can’t recall. You can be certain that all of the immigrants know. As of ca 2013 the immigrants in the Mississippi chicken plants were all from the same Mayan village – so arent’ really “hispanic”. I suspect it’s the same ones. Before them there were Cubans and some other Latinos. Most of the immigrants seem to come on H1Bs and then turn it into green cards under “dual intent”. Also, during the 1970s and maybe into the 80s half of the 70,000 refugee slot went to immigrants from the USSR who only had to claim to have a Jewish grandparent – no proof required. This is the big source of Russian mobsters sent from the Soviet gulags.

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        • Thanks for all this information! The system is seriously flawed, it still baffles my mind that an American soldier who is stationed overseas and has a child does not automatically become an American citizen!

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          • This was something brand new under Trump for foreign service and maybe military – I didn’t understand it. Normally it’s supposed to be like John McCain who was born abroad but it should count as the USA. People who work in the foreign service should be the same. They are abroad their entire lives serving the country all over so their kids should be citizens. Where the problem comes in historically if someone works abroad in the private sector. But, if you have to move abroad to work it’s not your fault.

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