Tell Your Senators NO to S386; Ask for Proper Debate; Tomorrow Will Be An Attempted Ram Through of the Bill Without Proper Debate; India Telegu Times is “Excited” & “Grateful” to Kamala Harris & Mike Lee

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Call your Senators today to oppose S386 and any similar bills and to support proper debate.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Kamala Harris is behind this attempt to run through this bill, which gives most employment based green cards to India, without debate. Remember that Kamala Harris’ family is from India and her family wealth has allowed her to stay close to them. They flew in from India to attend her installation as Senator. Her uncle has long worked as a policy maker for the government of India, especially nuclear matters:

American women were at the forefront of computer programming. Why are we importing workers from India for these jobs? Rather, India should hire Americans to make their space program successful.

Margaret Hamilton, lead Apollo flight software engineer, in the Apollo Command Module, NASA. See more:

This isn’t just about tech workers. It’s just been…

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