The Greatest Threat to US Wildlife in General & Endangered Species in Particular is Immigration Driven Unfettered Population Growth

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The US Population in 1970 was 205 million
The US Population today is approximately 330 million and quickly growing Births to American women have long been below replacement, meaning that this out of control growth is immigration driven.

From NumbersUSA:
The Greatest Threat to Wildlife in General and Endangered Species in Particular Is Not Donald Trump’s New Rules PUBLISHED:   Tue, SEP 10th 2019 @ 7:22 am EDT  by  Leon Kolankiewicz
The Trump administration recently finalized new rules that it insists will “modernize” the Endangered Species Act (ESA) [1]. Unsurprisingly, environmental groups and their media allies are expressing alarm, while extractive industries aligned with Trump reassure the public that the new rules represent an improvement for everyone, not least threatened and endangered species.

Yet neither the Trump administration nor its harshest environmentalist detractors are willing to recognize or resolve the greatest threat to all wildlife in the United…

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