Wisconsin Bear Hunter’s Putting Children in Harm’s Way

Wolf Patrol

08.31.19 TK W BEAR This isn’t bear hunting…it’s child abuse. Tyler Kettlewell putting child at risk on August 31, 2019.

On August 31, the last day of Wisconsin’s two-month bear hound training season, Tyler Kettlewell who’s unethical hunting practices have been exposed by Wolf Patrol this summer, published photos of himself with a young child in front of a bayed bear. Other photos published with the photo show a large black bear bayed by his hounds, which often suffer injuries inflicted by large bears that will not tree when chased.

08.31.19 TK BEAR W HOUNDS Shared on Facebook by Tyler Kettlewell 08/31/19

Wisconsin hound hunters like Tyler Kettlewell continue to be seen on Wolf Patrol’s platforms because they continue to practice unethical and illegal hunting practices like allowing hounds to fight with a bear on the ground, which is what Kettlewell has been doing and sharing videos of on Facebook for years. In the past, its been Kettlewell’s hounds…

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