Adios Cable/Satellite!

The Lone Cactus

It seems that more and more of us have decided that “cord cutting” is the way to live our lives in the 2010’s. And actually, it’s not a bad idea. “Cord cutting”, for the uninitiated, is getting rid of your cable or satellite company and using the internet for the source of your television viewing.

It’s going there anyway…as I’ve pointed out countless times. And it seems to be accelerating.

The second quarter results have been released by the Leichtman Research Group, who measures these sorts of things. In the 2nd quarter, there were about 1.53 million cord-cutters…people that cancelled their cable or satellite TV. That compares with 420,000 who quit traditional TV services in 2018.

Companies such as Comcast, Cox, and Charter actually did better because they offer internet subscriptions along with cable. It was companies like DirecTV and Dish that suffered the most. DirecTV lost 778,000 subscribers, about…

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