FBI Was Preparing To Hire Social Media Monitors Weeks Before El Paso, Dayton Attacks


By Jennie Taer -August 5, 2019

Several weeks before the shootings that took 29 innocent lives the FBI had posted on the bureau’s website a request for private sector monitors to assist federal agents in tracking social media posts to prevent future attacks, according to the post.

It wasn’t soon enough. Over the weekend in the span of 13 hours two gunmen, one in El Paso and the other in Dayton, Ohio took the lives of 29 civilians, including the gunman from Dayton.

According to the FBI website, there is a dire need to access “real time” information on users of all social media platforms. The FBI’s mission for the project “is to detect, disrupt, and investigate an ever growing diverse range of threats to U.S. National interests.”

On Monday, President Trump called on the FBI and DOJ to work closely with social media giants.

“We must shine light on…

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